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This is What They're Saying:

“I have ADHD but Ed has always supported me so much with all my struggles and makes me feel better about myself and the work I am doing when I don’t have the confidence in myself.

I will be struggling with assignments and instead of having a go at me, he will find alternative ways every month to try and support me on that so I am on top of my game. I am very lucky to have Ed as my coach as his support is immense and he is always quick to respond to my emails or any support I ever need. I couldn’t have imagined making it to month 6 without Ed.

So thank you Ed so much for all your support and guidance! And making my Multiverse experience so good!”


“Ed has an engaging and natural style of presentation and is able to pitch his content to the various needs of his audience. After the event that I attended, several delegates commented on how much they enjoyed and learned from the session. Would heartily recommend!”


“Ed worked with us at Anglia Ruskin University during Student Self Employment week and gave a presentation on ‘The Business of Social Media’. He has a well of knowledge on the subject and engaged students with his enthusiasm and drive!”


“Ed’s Mastermind group.. That time in your business cycle when you know where you are, you might even know where you want to be, but just can’t work out how to get there.. That’s where the group comes into its own – dreams have been realised around the table – I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

“Getting the right MC for an event is vital and Ed has the perfect mix of professionalism and humour. His ability to set the atmosphere for the evening for our 120 guests was excellent. When you are responsible for the success of an event, it is incredibly reassuring to know you have an excellent MC and host to ensure the evening goes well. Ed involves everyone and creates a real buzz and excitement not only at the start of the event but throughout. If you are looking for someone to help you create a truly memorable event, then Ed Goodman is, without doubt, one of the best MCs to work with.”

“You’re literally the best coach ever” – A Multiverse Apprentice

The Problems I Solve


I provide an alternative to university education by coaching career starters on their Apprenticeship journey with Multiverse. 

Mastermind Groups

Every month, I host a series of Business Owners’ Open Mastermind Groups (BOOM) for business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. These sessions are particularly structured to help each attendee solve their own current business challenges with empathetic, experienced-based, non-sales, support from the other delegates in the room. Get in touch to find out when the next one is.

What My Clients Say

A Little Bit About Me

I coach Digital Business Apprenticeships and to help provide an alternative to university education • I also coach youth grassroots football & enjoy good beer (not simultaneously) • Author of “New Business, Next Steps”

What My Clients Say

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