Breaking The Mold: The Flaws of Our Education System and the Triumph of Our Apprentices

I’m angry and I’m going to tell you why.

Have you ever had decisions about your future made against you, or been unfairly judged, based on one unfortunate month or two, despite flying high until that moment?

Picture this. You’re studying for your A-Levels, predicted to be the top of your class with A*’s and are even in receipt of an offer from a Russell Group university.

As you approach the exam, you experience a trauma in your life which throws everything up in the air. You sit the exams, but you’re not now expecting the same grades.

As a result, the university offer is pulled. So, you approach a high-ranking Fortune 500 company for an apprenticeship and succeed, right up until your A-Level grades are confirmed and that offer is also pulled.

In short, the 2+ years of high performance are ignored, and your future has been decided for you because a traumatic period and A-level exams have coincidentally happened at the same time.

How is this fair?

Thankfully, this young, bright, determined, proactive individual is an apprentice in my Multiverse Digital Business Accelerator cohort.

They, and the company they work for, are going to do great things together and I’m thrilled to be part of that journey.

Our education system is flawed, that’s what makes me angry.

Our apprentices are changing lives and that’s what makes me proud.

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