Skimming The Stones of Social Media

The lifetime of a social media post varies from platform to platform. It’s also generally thought that a tweet lasts about 15-18mins, so for the purposes of this upcoming analogy, let’s say a tweet has a lifespan of 15mins.

And, as you’ll know by my sidecar example, I do like an analogy.

Frequently, of late, YouTube has thrust this advert for Fox’s Mints in my face with almost every video I watch:



It eventually made me think about how using social media for your business can be like skimming stones on a lake.
Do it wrong and it’s only visible to you, failing to grab the attention of anyone else (let alone your target audience) before it quickly sinks to the bottom.

However, get it right (and by this, I mean to ensure your social media posts are interesting, engaging, audience-focused, value-adding, etc) and it then starts to gain attention with each bounce (i.e. comment, retweet, etc). Plus, it lasts longer too. Just like skimming stones, the tweet continues to grab attention and comments, far beyond the initial 15 minutes.

Also, when you get it right, you know which stones work better and which to look out for next time. Your confidence will grow with each attempt, crowds will gather, and your efforts will be more applauded too.

How is your “stone-skimming” going? Of course, I’m asking about your social media, but I thought I’d keep the analogy going until the end. 

Let me know by email or here on Linkedin.

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