Be Consistent & The Impact of Giving Up


Podfading – A podcast that after a while becomes less and less frequently updated and then blinks out altogether. Alternately a podcast that is going strong and suddenly stops. (Urban Dictionary)



The biggest reason people podfade is due to the frustration felt because their podcast does not perform as well as they would like. Therefore, over time, their frustration leads them to publish less consistently, which just exacerbates the problem.

It’s safe to say this is also the reason people stop blogging and vlogging – and yes, “blogfading” is also a word.

In 1983, 105 million American’s tuned in to watch the final episode of “MASH“. Yet, it was nearly canned after its first season due to poor ratings.

When “Cheers” premiered, it was ranked 77th in the ratings of the 100 watched shows. Yet, by the time it was over, the show had won later won over 20 Emmys and 5 Golden Globes.


What Can We Learn From This?

Whether blogging, vlogging, or podcasting, if you’re adding value to your target audience’s lives, then be prepared to be in it, and keep creating, for the long haul.

Both these shows are still talked about fondly and have huge numbers of fans today, in spite of the fact that both stopped running over 30 years ago.

Keep driving forward, keep adding value, and keep enjoying doing it. You will eventually see how beneficial the long haul can be.


What is the Solution?

If you are having a hard time publishing consistently, or you are are new to podcasting and worried about committing to a long-term podcast schedule, plan ahead using a simple calendar, such as Google Calendar.  

With this, you will have a big picture view of what your topics will be in advance, who you need to help you (e.g, interview guests or co-hosts), and any other production planning / equipment needed. Again, the same rule applies with a blog or video channel too.


What About You?

What’s your podcast or blog? How many have you recorded or written? How many do you plan ahead? What tips do you have for other creators? Email me or find me on Linkedin as I’d love to read your tips.

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